Achieving fitness, nutritional, and mental wellness goals through coaching and support.


We provide coaching, support, and developmental instruction to anybody who is interested in setting goals and achieving them. Through a combination of modalities and with a rich history of knowledge and experience, we will help you clarify your goals, create a plan to achieve your goals, support your journey, help you rise in your failures, and celebrate with you in your victories. 

and start your REVOLUTION today!

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Goals are meant to be achieved.

What vision of yourself have you yet to realize?
What goals of your wellbeing have you yet to attain?

Working on ourselves and improving our mind, body, habits, and abilities are becoming more and more crucial in the path of taking ownership of our health.  An increasing amount of our collective daily habits are becoming damaging to our wellbeing and overall sense of happiness, but we’ve never known any different. There is a cognitive dissonance between what our society is telling us to do and what is truly healthy and beneficial for universal goals of improvement, growth, and overall betterment.

Nothing is truly out of our grasp.

Revolution wellness coaching

Revolution Coaches focus on these core coaching modalities
which have the greatest impact on performance and achievement.


If we start with the mind, the body will follow. Too often, our progress can be impeded by our own subconscious thoughts. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) focuses on the relationships between a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. During Mind Coaching, we will actively work with you to uncover unhealthy patterns of thought that may be causing self-destructive behaviors, beliefs and limitations. 


We create a customized program specifically for your physical fitness goals. Body Coaching will take into account what you enjoy doing while correcting techniques to avoid injuries and providing motivation and accountability through every step. Whatever your goal for fitness and health, we support your journey while providing you with the roadmaps to lasting change.


Nutrition Coaching uses an evidence-based scientific approach to promote ideal health, peak performance, and optimum vitality through personalized nutritional planning. By addressing nutritional balance, we’re able to help steer your body towards a more efficient system. We provide practical solutions to fit into your individual lifestyle.


Nutrition and physical fitness play a vital role in every aspect of athletic performance, as does mental strength and focus.  The Athlete Performance Training Program helps you fix any gaps you have in your training program with our integrated coaching approach – helping you to overcome hurdles that you may be struggling with or strengths you want to improve upon.


What people are saying about Revolution Wellness.

Every story has its beginning.

What began in Las Vegas, NV as a source of nutritional health and wellness, is evolving. 

EATRIGHTLIFE championed the realities that not only can healthy eating be accessible, but it can be absolutely delicious as well. After helping dozens of people with their nutritional goals and eating lifestyles, Owner and Chef Tori Nakano saw first hand the successes of nutrition first wellness programs. 

But that wasn’t good enough. The systemic problems facing this country are too great. 

The challenges that most people face in their health journeys come from a combination of overwhelming public misinformation and engrained mental patterns that prevent them from achieving their success. And to this end, a REVOLUTION is needed.