You see happiness is a journey and not a destination. It’s a process of developing new habits and ways of being. It doesn’t happen in an instant – though the instances add up to the practice that will make you perfectly happy.   ~Tori Nakano

  1. They stay away from or don’t engage negative people.
  2. They are positive people. Confident, calm, peaceful and accept life as it comes.
  3. Have a plan and are passionate, focused, have purpose and live tuned into their destiny.
  4. They don’t sweat the small stuff. They do not try to change things they cannot change, rather focus their attention on things that matter and can change.
  5. They adapt. The are flexible when life doesn’t go as planned. They go with the flow of things and welcome it all.
  6. They see good in everyone. Everyone has positive and negative traits. They focus on the good in others through compassion and objectivity.
  7. They laugh. They don’t take life too seriously. Laughing is restorative and brings one closer to their true selves.
  8. Happy with themselves. They know they can’t be truly happy until they are happy. They worked very hard at building their self confidence and self esteem and accept themselves. They are never judging or hypercritical of themselves. Striving to be the best but always accepting both their strengths and weaknesses. They know that everything that is part of them is a part of their wholeness.
  9. They take time out and balance their priorities. They choose to spend time with people who matter in their lives and do things that they love. Work, rest, play.
  10. They have a connection or acknowledgement to a higher power no matter what or who this may be isn’t important (god, spirit, universe, etc). There is a universal relationship with everything with the goal of harmony.



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