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Need a call to arms? How about a really logical observation about where we are as a society?
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Chief Revolutionist

  • • NTP - Nutritionist (NTA)
  • • CPT - Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
  • • SNS - Sport Nutrition Specialist (NESTA)
  • • CBTP - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner
  • (The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology)
  • • ORDM - Ordained Minister (Universal Life Church)
Growing up in Colorado & Arizona, Tori has always been active in sports and recreation most of her life.  She played just about every sport in middle school and high school as well as competing in skiing and snowboarding on an amatuer level. Tori excelled in gymnastics and was practicing and competing while in elementary school with the high school gymnastics team. Physical activity became second nature to her and an important part of her well being from an early age.

Tori spent most of her career life as a professional chef, training, working, and running kitchens in some of the best restaurants in the world. This has given her an incredible amount of culinary knowledge that very few have, especially when it comes to nutrition and food in general.

Tori’s introduction to a healthier lifestyle began after being part of the opening crew of Whole Foods in Las Vegas as their Executive Chef. This helped immensely when years later she found her health took a turn for the worse.

Wanting to be an active participant in her own health, Tori became a certified nutritionist as she was already learning about food allergies, hormones, and how our bodies digestion works. Successfully completing her studies, she further went on to become certified as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. She took courses in counseling, she became certified in personal training and put all of her knowledge to work on her body and emotional state throughout such a trying time.

With proper nutrition, regular exercise, stress relief and trying to see our problems in new or different ways, we are able to take control of our health and our lives. We make a difference. Finding a health care provider who really cares is very important.

Additionally, finding an educated support team can be a crucial step to finally making the changes that you have been contemplating or that your doctor has recommended.

Tori Nakano - badass bitch.
Tori Nakano


As an accomplished and well known chef, Chef Tori has appeared on the wildly popular Food Network shows, Cutthroat Kitchen and Guy’s Grocery Games.