The Revolution Has Begun.

Korg The Revolution

The Revolution Has Begun. Really. Literally, decades of time and experiences have lead me to this Revolution, and yet it feels like a blink of an eye. Before I get ahead of myself though, I need to tell you where it all began. Throughout households across America, children started coming home from school to a […]

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Are You Thriving in Life?

Are you thriving in your life?  Thriving is all about growth, flourishing and prospering.  The spring season reminds us of how nature thrives.  However, when I look around most humans are not “thriving”. Research on well-being concludes that only about 20% of adults have a strong sense of purpose and are fully satisfied with their […]

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What Is The Definition of Moderation in Nutrition

people eating

One of the most common pieces of dieting advice is to eat “everything in moderation.” Apparently, people often have a skewed sense of what “moderation” means, says a new University of Georgia study. Researchers asked the study participants two questions: 1) How many cookies do you think you should eat in one sitting? 2) How […]

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Why Your Small Business Needs Healthier Employees

healthy group lunch

Whether you’re an owner of a small business or even employed by one – nutrition, fitness and stress relief needs to be addressed by the employer.  Why?  Do businesses want to succeed?  Do they want to be profitable?  Same goes for the employees here. Let me first throw some massive statistics at you, then you’ll understand why you […]

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You’re Not Eating Enough When Working Out

Tired woman runner

Why are young women overworking their bodies with exercise while massively restricting their carbs? To be thin and hot of course! That is the perception and message men and women are given on Instagram and social media platforms every single day of their lives. That can really mess with someone’s reality! To our detriment, some […]

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Five Reasons to Quit Sugar Now

sugar hanging rope

Five Reasons to Quit Sugar Now *  This article first appeared on Sweetdefeat and we’d like to share it with you! Why it’s so important to cut back on your sugar intake—and take back control of your health. Over three-quarters of packaged food in grocery stores today comes with copious amounts of added sweeteners, […]

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Everyone Needs To See A Nutritionist

group of people happy jumping on beach backlit

You’re overlooking a huge piece of your health and don’t even know it. You crush it a the gym at least twice a week. You make chiropractor appointments, dental cleanings, eye exams, and yearly visits to your doctor. Heck, you may even get your nails done every couple of weeks and your hair styled once […]

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Sugar: The Addiction We Love!

sugar cubes

Revolution Wellness recommends a low sugar diet for everyone.  Consequently, one must get through a difficult addiction in a way that makes sense to each individual person.  If you currently consume a lot of sugar, don’t quit cold turkey!  It probably won’t work for you.  Make these changes slowly over time until you find you’ve […]

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