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A Quick Overview

Since childhood we have heard our elders saying that ‘health is wealth’, however, only a few of us have actually realized the importance of physical fitness and made it part of our lifestyle. Good health does not only mean to have a body free from diseases but it refers to the complete mental, physical, spiritual, and social well-being of a person. At Revolution Wellness, we believe this is one of the most crucial and overlooked problems facing us in our time.

In today’s competitive world people find it very hard to take time out of their hectic schedule and take up any form of beneficial physical activity. Many people work under stressful conditions and in the process neglect their health. This has resulted in an increase in the number of diseases among individuals such as cancer, obesity, diabetics, depression, and hypertension, etc.

Strength does not come from the physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

- Ghandi

Breaking down your BODY revolution


Why? It’s hard to pinpoint areas that aren’t affected by it. 

Its influence over your life’s quality is immense; its importance cannot be overstated! 

For instance, if you’re unhealthy, inflexible, overweight, and sluggish, you’re going to enjoy life a lot less, but you’ll feel a major energy boost if you start exercising and taking better care of yourself!

If you’re physically fit, meaning you have a strong core, can touch your toes, walk up to five flights of stairs, jog a couple of miles, or go hiking with your dog–you’re going to know first-hand the rewards of a healthy lifestyle. 

When you can live fully because you are strong and energetic and have confidence in the way your body looks and feels, your quality and enjoyment of life increase exponentially! These are the most important reasons for working at your physical fitness.


  1. Our approach to working with you for your physical fitness starts by first addressing your goals.  
  2. You will discuss your health history, obstacles you may have, fears surrounding exercise, and roadblocks you’ve experienced in the past.
  3. Together you will make an exercise schedule and decide the type of work out you wish to have.
  4. You will talk about your preferred learning styles and you will discuss expectations and address any questions you have.
  5. When working with us, you will find that we listen more than we talk and our purpose is to not boast about what we know and to tell you the right way to live your life, but rather to support your personal and unique journey.
  6. This is part of why coaching is our preferred method for supporting you.
  7. It makes more sense to guide you towards finding answers rather than telling you what to do or doing everything for you. In this way, you gain more insight and will become open to new thoughts and ways of accomplishing things that you may have never considered you were capable of.  This is that path to lasting change.
  8. We will hold you accountable while being your biggest supporter!
  9. The cool part is that we also do nutrition and are able to coach you in getting your diet dialed in as well! 

They are all connected.

body coaching OPTIONS

This is customized programming specifically for your goals, taking into account what you enjoy doing while correcting techniques to avoid injuries, provide motivation and accountability.

One-On-One: Get the most from your gym time. From setting goals, finding your strengths and weaknesses, to customizing your workouts, our personal training draws on proven strategies to ensure you continue moving in the direction towards reaching your goals.

Online: Stay out of the gym and meet your trainer in the comfort of your own home and online device!  One-on-one video conferencing while you work out with your trainer.  Not only do you get personalized workouts made just for you, but you also get the trainer assisting you every step of the way – via online video!

Partner: Share sessions with a friend who shares your goals. It’s a fun and cost-effective way to start training – and to be kept accountable when the trainer’s not around.

Small Group: Succeed as a team with our small group training program (min 3 ppl – max 5 ppl), featuring transformative workouts, inspiration from your coach and your like-minded crew to cheer you on.


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