Mind Coaching

A Quick Overview

Our thoughts are what make us who we are, the good and the bad. But sometimes, our thoughts, unchecked, can get in the way of something we REALLY want to achieve. 

You see, our brain develops habits, just like our muscles. If we injure our muscle, then we might walk with a limp for a few days. But in those few days, our body will start to believe that limping is the new norm. Once our injury heals, we might find ourselves favoring the non-injured side or experiencing tightness from our body being injured. To overcome this, we might need to do some corrective stretching or exercises to bring us back to a balanced and well-functioning state. 

Our minds are not that different. Our experiences in life, major and seemingly inconsequential, can cause adaptations in the way we function, but not always do these adaptations serve us in a positive way forever. Sometimes, they become roadblocks to achieving the goals we set for ourselves. 

This is the basis of Mind Coaching. 

The problem is not the problem.
The problem is your
attitude about the problem.

- Captain Jack Sparrow
At Revolution Wellness, we work with everyone
to overcome roadblocks and mental barriers
that impede their goals.

How do we
Mind Coach?

In addition to scheduled check-ins, support, encouragement, we employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) tools as a means to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. 

CBT focuses on exploring relationships between a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

During CBT, we will actively work with you to uncover:

  • unhealthy patterns of thought
  • areas that may be causing self-destructive behaviors and beliefs

Then, we develop strategies and support plans for success.

Each Mind Coaching strategy is based on the individual’s needs, what the existing support structures are for their goals, and what the nature of their roadblocks are that have prevented success in the past

Is Mind Coaching
Right for Me?

Mind Coaching can take on various forms based on what obstacles we are facing. CBT is appropriate for people of all ages, including children, adolescents, and adults. 

The Evidence: 

CBT has been proven to benefit numerous conditions such as:

  • major depressive disorder
  • anxiety disorders
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • eating disorders
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders and many others.

Research also indicates that CBT can be delivered effectively online, in addition to face-to-face therapy sessions.

How does Mind Coaching
and CBT work?

Using a CBT technique called Cognitive Restructuring, we help you identify:

  • what creates or triggers counterproductive thoughts 
  • how you respond emotionally, and then develop a plan to consider more helpful alternative responses.

The results can be immediate:

Things that may be viewed as threats or stressors may see instead as challenges, resulting in more positive emotions and higher success in accomplishing goals.




At Revolution Wellness, we take an active, in-session stance to teach you skills that can be used to improve current functioning. 

  • Individual therapy sessions are 50 minutes long and take place on a once weekly basis.
  • You will receive  individualized reading, writing, or behavioral assignments to be completed during the week, which will help you generalize lessons learned in session to your daily life. 

Based on the needs of the client, we also will check in with you in between sessions as reminders, encouragement, or support to help you achieve your goals. 


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