Nutrition Coaching

A Quick Overview

Your food choices from each and every meal have a profound effect on your mental and physical well being - short and long term.

Good nutrition combined with physical activity (and also our emotional states) are the most important foundations for living a fulfilled and meaningful life. These practices will help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight and provide nourishment to have a well functioning body and mind.  This is important in staving off chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Your overall health and ability to find fulfillment in all areas of life are profoundly affected by what you do physically (and emotionally), but most importantly include what you feed and fuel your body with each and every meal.  

The doctors of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.

- Thomas Edison

Breaking down your NUTRITION revolution

You can’t do the things you want
to do in life if you are sick and
don’t have the capacity to do them.

Let’s be clear here, healthy eating is not a diet. It is a way of living that does not require you to starve yourself nor to eat anything that you don’t want to. Healthy eating can become a habit, just like drinking your morning coffee or going to bed at 10 pm every night. It won’t be an easy ride to get there, but once you manage to make it a habit, it will come naturally. Isn’t your life worth it to yourself and to those who love you?


We believe that everyone would benefit from seeing us once a year and bi-yearly or more frequently if you are experiencing any recent changes to your well being.  

It has been scientifically proven time and time again that our health is directly tied to our nutrition, physical fitness and also to our emotional states. Even if you are already eating healthily, we will help you work through whatever issues you may be facing – physically, emotionally, and nutritionally. It is all connected.

  • If you are having noticeable health changes
  • recovering from an illness or surgery
  • recently diagnosed with cancer or other diseases, currently have a known health disorder
  • weight loss or gain, allergies
  • have a lack of energy or focus, depression, autoimmune disorder, skin problems, known or suspected eating disorders
  • if you want to start a family or are having difficulty becoming pregnant.


We do things a little different at Revolution Wellness.  

You will find that our approach to nutrition isn’t the same as most nutritionists or dieticians. That is because most are trained to provide education to their clients and then prescribe to them a detailed meal plan showing what they should eat to become healthier.  Then, they are sent off into the world to do all the hard work on their own. This may work in a clinical or hospital setting where it is short term or highly monitored and taken out of the control of the patient but there’s not a lot of long term success once they leave the environment.  

What happens if the reason you are in this predicament is that you don’t like to or know how to cook? 

What if you like to binge eat on weekends, you love sweets, you don’t have enough time to cook? 

What if the reason you don’t eat well is that you’ve never actually liked vegetables?  

None of those things have changed just because you saw the nutritionist, now did it?

You know that you can find plenty of information on the internet, you could even read some books or maybe just follow the next fad diet and see how that goes.  Unfortunately, none of those ideas have actually worked for you yet. 

We aren’t surprised.


Our philosophy surrounding nutrition is unique in that we take on a coaching role. 

  • You work closely together with your coach discussing and examining the many aspects of your life and where you might find difficulties in making the changes that you desire. 
  • Together you outline your goals and define the steps you will make to get there.
  • During the process, we will offer suggestions and provide instrumental education and options for you in reaching the steps towards your goals. 
  • We will also hold you accountable for doing what you say while providing positive reinforcement along the way – giving you the framework and support to help you on your journey. 

Knowing what to do is the first step, but the most important next steps are what you do with that information. 

Our coaching helps you to make those positive changes into lasting and healthier habits. Lasting success is often found in these ways.


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