How To Not Eat Like Crap On Your Next Skateboard Trip

A little planning will go a long way here. Most skaters I’ve known aren’t very good at the planning ahead part. Mainly due to their carefree understanding and belief that time is irrelevant, I think. But if you are wondering how you can not feel like crap on every skate trip you take, read on a little more. You have time, you’re just sitting around waiting for your homies to pick you up. They’ll be late. Keep reading.

Healthy eating really starts where the van stops. I know that often times you aren’t in control of the white van and are stuck in the way back, often never asked what you want to eat.  It’s okay. Maybe a small talk with the team manager before the trip will sway him towards some better food choices? Remind him that he’s older than you and probably needs to watch his weight now. Or maybe not. At the very least try to get the team to a grocery store instead of the fast food joint.  

Why?  Because grocery stores have whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, hummus, fresh made to-go choices like salad bars and food that isn’t fried or processed into something it isn’t.

Eat frequently on your road trip.  Which is easier said than done, but doable since you did the planning before the trip! You brought some snacks! I don’t mean chips and candy bars. I mean protein, fats, and carbs (more on carbs later).

What you didn’t bring with you, that’s where grocery stores along the way will be essential.

Here are some healthy examples:

    • Vegetables like carrots and broccoli tossed in olive oil or dipped in almond butter
    • Hard-boiled eggs (pre-peeled!)
    • Pre-cooked roasted sweet potatoes
    • Meats like shrimp, chicken or beef pre-cut into strips
    • Single serving packs of guacamole
    • Slices of raw milk cheeses
    • Pre-made salads – with meat
    • Jerky
    • Nuts & Seeds or homemade trail mixes
    • Dried fruit
    • Apples and nut butter
    • Fresh fruits like bananas, avocados, and oranges
    • Dark chocolate
    • Homemade cookies
    • Instant oatmeal packets
    • Cooked bacon
    • Chocolate Milk
    • Cottage Cheese

Below is a list of foods to avoid that you will want to eat and will be everywhere you go, but avoid these foods because they will make you feel sick of depleted after you eat them:

    1. Simple carbohydrates or high glycemic foods, such as fruit juices, sodas, refined grain products, or sugary snacks
    2. Anything deep-fried
    3. Nonfat desserts and sweeteners, which are loaded with chemicals that your body can’t easily metabolize
    4. Anything partially hydrogenated (this includes non-dairy creamer, Jiffy-style peanut butter, margarine, and most packaged baked goods)
    5. Excess alcohol.

Drink Lots of Water

Yes, water is food and probably most important!  The body needs water for virtually all of its functions. Drinking plenty of water will flush your body of toxins, keep your skin fresh, and help you eat less. It will also help you avoid travel lag, symptoms of overexposure to the heat or sun, and junk-food cravings.

Believe it or not, many of the unhealthy cravings we experience on the road can be satisfied with a refreshing drink of pure water.

Being mindful of what you put into your body will not only help you feel amazingly better, but you’ll have higher energy levels, better recovery time, and muscle growth rather than muscle depletion.

If you want to know about what you personally should eat, contact us for a consultation.  Everyone is unique and have different circumstances.  We can help.


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