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Why Hire a Nutritional Therapist?

Nutrition and lifestyle changes have an incredible impact on your overall well being when you make small modifications over time and not all at once. Time and time again I’ve seen positive results – clients heal from digestive problems, women overcome emotional eating, men stop having to take meds for heartburn, anxiety & depression. I have seen clients become energized and vibrant just by changing their diet to improve their sleep habits and the list goes on.

As an employer, we all know how important having healthy employees are. What’s better for your business? Having a happy, healthy, energized, and excited team or one that calls out sick, is depressed, and down on life?

People email me every day inquiring about my services and curious about holistic nutrition and energy therapy, so if this includes you, then here are my top 12 reasons you need me in your life!

1)  Individualized food plans based on YOU – every person is an individual with individual needs. No two bodies are the same. There is not a diet that is good for everyone.

2) Stuck in a rut? Inspiration, motivation, guidance. Help on all fronts – not just nutrition.

3) Get to the root cause of your sleep problems, low energy, skin issues, hormonal problems without resorting to pharmaceuticals.

4) Learn how to eat to prevent disease, rather than manage disease symptoms.

5) Digestion, digestion, digestion! Work with an expert on getting your gut on track, avoid having to undo the top button of your jeans after a meal.

6) Learn strategies to develop a new relationship with food, and as a bonus – yourself. When you learn how to eat better, your confidence and self-esteem improves. Good food = good mood.

7) I teach you a holistic model of health by providing not only dietary guidance but lifestyle suggestions.

8) No quick-fix fad or crash diets. Diets don’t work and are time-limited. Get healthy over time, weight loss will be a side effect, as will glowing skin, higher sex drive, and better sleep.

9)   I do not advise you on a food guide or pyramid, but on what is best for you.

10) Learn new recipes, how you can cook healthy food that’s as high on taste as it is in nutrients and spend no more than 15 minutes in the kitchen!

11) Get happy. One of the benefits of getting healthy is your mood improves! Diets make you miserable and are not sustainable. Detoxing can be ineffective, even dangerous and harmful to your body if done at the wrong time.

12) Learn what nutrients you may be deficient in and what else your medications are doing to your body. Use foods and supplements (if needed) to replace what’s lost. For example one of the most common depleted nutrients in the U.S. is Hydrogen and Oxygen – better known as water!

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