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Everyone Needs To See A Nutritionist

You’re overlooking a huge piece of your health and don’t even know it.

You crush it a the gym at least twice a week. You make chiropractor appointments, dental cleanings, eye exams, and yearly visits to your doctor. Heck, you may even get your nails done every couple of weeks and your hair styled once a month. There are some who get weekly or monthly massages to eliminate their sore stressed bodies. Chances are there is one important appointment that you’re not making for yourself – a visit with a nutritionist.

A Nutritionist is an expert and you’re not.

You might be thinking that nutritionists are only needed if you find out you have diabetes or your doctor recommends it. You might even say, “professional athletes or bodybuilders need nutritionists, but not me”. The reality is much different than this though. One of the most important things that keeps a body running is something most of us do at least 3-4 times every single day of life (eating) – yet we give little thought to what we put into our bodies and what it does to them over time.

You can do it yourself…again and yet again.

When you have a cavity in your tooth, you go to the dentist to have it fixed. The pain in your mouth tells you that this problem needs to be fixed now! Your body feels fine…sure you’ve put on 15 pounds since the baby was born and never got rid of it, but why go to someone to fix it? All you need to do is go on another diet and walk more. Right?

Not exactly, packing on weight over time is a symptom of usually one thing, that you’ve been consuming too many calories for the amount of energy you need. Most likely this is a habit for you. Extra calories equal extra fat. But here’s the problem, this isn’t your first diet. This diet is just one of many you’ve been on. You know how to get the weight off because you always have.  Then time goes on, and you gain it back.  Don’t you? People who go on diet after diet after diet, aren’t doing themselves any favors. In fact, what they have is an eating disorder.

Nutritionists are experts of the digestive system.

Look at it this way, what an ophthalmologist does for your eyes, a nutritionist does to keep your digestive system and body running smoothly, all the while making sure you’re getting the proper nutrients and helping you tailor an eating plan that works best for you.

Everybody should make an appointment with a nutritionist at least twice a year. Especially, if there are the telltale signs like these:

  • You’re having skin issues or allergy symptoms.
  • You are irregular.
  • You’ve tried every diet out there and are waiting for the next big one
  • You get heartburn and acid reflux
  • You’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, or diabetes
  • You’re doing everything right, and you still can’t lose weight
  • You’ve decided to train for a marathon and don’t know what to eat
  • You’re constantly thinking about food
  • You overeat or binge when you feel emotional
  • You have mood swings or energy crashes during the day
  • You want babies
  • You just had a baby
  • You crave carbohydrates or sugar
  • Sleeping throughout the night has become a problem
  • You don’t want to feed your family processed foods, but who has the time?!

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